Radius Rods / Torsion Rod

Radius Rods / Torsion Rod

Radius Rods (RRs) are fixed at the vehicle chassis to keep the wheel suspension in position. RRs transmit axial forces with only a small portion of vertical forces.

THK offer several RR variants with different joint alternatives. According to customer requirements these rods can be equipped with different kind of rubber bushings regarding e.g. reinforcement or noise reduction.

THK’s modular design principle includes the entire range of required sizes for a customer`s portfolio of vehicles to ensure functionality and performance in terms of strength, durability, stiffness and low noise level over the guaranteed lifetime.


Torsion Rod (Lightweight Rod, LR)

Torsion Rods (LR), particular lightweight versions of Radius Rods (RR), realize significant weight reductions compared to current commercial off-the-shelf RRs. The weight optimization is combined with an enhanced product performance based on a unique new design concept.

LRs are focused on customer needs with respect to optimized angularity, increased load capacity, reduced envelope size, weight reduction and improved cost efficiency.