Quality and Environmental PoliciesQuality and Environmental Policies

Policy Statement

We are an efficient, independent manufacturer of ball joints that is consistently expanding its leading international position in the Linkage & Suspensions business segments. We strive for "operational excellence" in all our processes, systems, standards and tools.


We develop and produce innovative and economical products, combined with outstanding service, to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for their applications. Our standards in this regard are the global challenges of the market, legal obligations, customer requirements and the consideration of all parties involved in the development process.


Competence expansion and technological leadership are our targets. Value-oriented leadership, consistent customer focus and risk management are our instruments. Continuous improvement, in weighing up possible risks and opportunities, in accordance with "THK's" corporate slogan:

“Toughness – High quality – Know how”

We break down our strategic and operational targets for the individual divisions from our corporate policy. The necessary resources are made available to translate these targets into successful results.


The focus is on our employees, whom we support in terms of their creativity, diversity and qualifications. Our decision-making is based on analyses and facts. We promote the personal development, motivation and satisfaction of our employees through regular feedback. Furthermore, we maintain an open dialogue with customers, suppliers, authorities and the public. We require suppliers and service providers to set themselves comparable targets in order to jointly shape our success in a sustainable manner.


Our policy is appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization and supports the strategic direction. The business success of our company, the occupational health and safety of our employees and the sustainable protection of our environment with efficient energy consumption, IT security are equally important company targets. We are constantly working to improve our management system.


● Quality

We continuously improve the quality of our processes and products through our process-oriented approach. Zero-error prevention has priority over error correction. Quality means using all our experience to improve in all areas in order to reduce costs and increase competitiveness. To this end, we are guided by the zero-error principle. The target is the best quality in our market segment, with the focus on meeting the expectations of our customers to their best possible satisfaction.


● Environment and Energy

Environmental protection and sustainability are principles of our actions. When we start a new project, we strive to develop and purchase energy-efficient and environmentally friendly equipment and services and document this.


● Occupational Health and Safety

We design safe and healthy workplaces to prevent injuries and diseases. We identify risks and work-related hazards, involving and involving employees to implement effective prevention and protection measures.


● Information Security

A further target is the establishment of a documented, measurable and coherent information security management system (ISMS) according to VDA and TISAX. Our data and know-how should be protected in an effective way - this also applies to the IT security requirements of all business partners.


● Sustainability

We are committed to our social responsibility worldwide, as set out in our principles of conduct.

Quality Certificate

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Environment Certificate

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Energy Certificate

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