Control & Tension Arms

Control Arms

Control Arms (CAs) or suspension links are the connection between the chassis and the wheel carriers or the knuckles on vehicles with independent suspensions. Dependent on the type of the suspension, CAs guide the wheel and control at least one of the degrees of freedom of movement.

THK develop and produce a wide range of various high-quality guiding as well as load carrying CA designs driven by customers. Furthermore, the connection to the chassis/wheel carriers or knuckle can be executed via an integrated ball joint, bushing or pillow ball joint. All technical feasible joining methods are applied to connect the CA with adjacent structural parts.

THK provide complete control arm solutions to meet requirements by applying virtual development methodologies. Excellent experience in CAD, FEA and optimization techniques provides the ability to design towards package, weight, stiffness (buckling, bending) and structural strength as well as durability targets.

THK’s modular ball joint design principle includes the entire range of required sizes for a customer’s portfolio of vehicles by applying state-of-the-art designs as well as advanced materials and coatings to ensure functionality and performance in terms of strength and durability, stiffness, low noise level, low friction and lubrication for corrosion protection over the guaranteed lifetime.