Tie RodsTie Rods

Tie Rods

Tie Rods (TRs) are connectors between steering gears and knuckles commonly applied on the front axle for transferring the steering movement on the wheel. TRs consist of an Inner Ball Joint (IBJ, on the steering gear side) and an Outer Ball Joint (OBJ, on the wheel side) which are connected. The length of the tie rod can be adjusted to realize an optimized wheel alignment.

THK develop and produce a wide range of various high-quality TRs in conjunction with customer requirements. All technical feasible joining methods are applied to connect the OBJ with the knuckle.

THK’s modular ball joint design principle includes the entire range of required sizes for a customer’s portfolio of vehicles by applying state-of-the-art designs as well as advanced materials and coatings to ensure functionality and performance in terms of strength and durability, stiffness, low noise level, low friction and lubrication for corrosion protection over the guaranteed lifetime.