Customer SatisfactionCustomer Satisfaction

At THK RHYTHM AUTOMOTIVE, we are engaged in a diverse complement of activities aimed at providing full customer satisfaction. We are committed to an aggressive approach that involves an incessant quest for higher QCD, refining and polishing our own technology, and working on environmental issues, all firmly grounded in our own corporate strengths.

Quality, Cost, and Delivery
Quality, Cost, and Delivery

Providing the World with the Ultimate in Quality, Cost and Delivery, with All Possible Speed

At THK RHYTHM AUTOMOTIVE, we’ re engaged in structuring our organization to provide the highest QCD (Quality, Cost, and Delivery) in the world, in every facet of our systems. In quality, our slogan is "Zero Defect / Zero Warranty". We achieve that by initiating comprehensive quality control throughout an integrated production system that encompasses everything from design development to production technology and manufacturing. At the design stage, we plan for every eventuality and configure a setup that will enable maximum quality under any conceivable circumstances. From a cost standpoint, we put together separate teams for each commodity and explore the possibilities from a company-wide point of view. That allows us to effectively reduce costs without any adverse effects on part optimization. Also, in a revolutionary revamping of our production control system aimed at ensuring on-time delivery without fail, we are shortening our lead times by introducing a Just-In-Time production system.