New Painting Line at Gellep Plant

After completion of the new dispatch hall, the next step was to install the new painting line for Commercial Vehicle applications, such as Radius Rods and V-Links, at Gellep Plant.

The initial kick-off was in November 2018, and the installation of this new painting line took six months.

The new painting line is equipped with electrostatic painting process of a high solid solvent based coating for the base coating system (Epoxy varnish) and top coating system (Polyurethane varnish).

That process is determined by 10 zone cleaning and Zinc phosphating process as pre-treatment, then the painting application as 1st automatic painting chamber for the base coating and the 2nd automatic painting chamber for the top coating.

Due to the new technology with a shape detection and the high solid coating, we are expecting to gain up to 50% more capacity in comparison to the conventional application which will be replaced with the new painting line until beginning of 2020.